AVATHERM Thermoboxes

Hygienic, safe and reliable transportation – with AVATHERM for highest quality. AVATHERM offers premium insulated containers made for the needs of different sectors. Find more information about the specifications of the AVATHERM Thermoboxes in the different categories below.

AVATHERM offers different varieties of gastronorm-compliant insulated boxes suitable for your concept. AVATHERM Catering is available unheated as top- or front-loaders made of CFC-free polyurethane (PUR), providing excellent insulation. Resists temperature ranges of -40°C to +100°C.

Fast and hot! AVATHERM Delivery offers more than that! The AVATHERM Delivery products convince through excellent quality, a cool design and robustness. The smooth surcfaces allow a perfect advertising space which can be used effectevely to promote your delicious food and services. 

Specifically developed thermoboxes for bakers and confectioners – providing absolute reliability and hygiene. Whether for the transportation of ice cream, cakes, dough, frozen food products or ready baked products – for some products even ideal for temporary storage.

AVATHERM Medical for effective Cold Chain Practices. The passive AVATHERM medical thermoboxes allow a green, hygienic and reliable transportation of temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines, blood, organs, pharmaceutical products and any other perishable products.

Under extreme conditions well equipped - AVATHERM military thermoboxes fulfill highest demands. In difficult-to-access-terrains or in other challenging environmental landscapes – wether in the desert or in the field. Since more than 20 years AVATHERM Thermobox has internationally proved exceptional reliability through high robustness, light materials and excellent insulation.